The Pendle Hill Farmers Network aims to:  NFM Meeting

  • Increase understanding of local Countryside Stewardship priorities and knowledge of landscape scale conservation techniques, and to encourage the uptake of schemes
  • Work together with as many group members as possible implementing these techniques on, and across, members' farms by: 

 i) Restoring, managing and expanding priority habitats: woodlands, grasslands, wetlands and moorlands  

ii) Restoring traditional boundaries

iii) Implementing natural flood management techniques 

Pendle Hill Farmer Group Aims 


How to Join

If you farm on or around Pendle Hill and would like to join the group, please compete the joining form and email it to Sarah Robinson on Natural Flood

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Our regular newsletters provide up to date information with the groups activies as well as general farming infomation. Read our newsletters here 

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Coming Up

Our next event will be an online discussion about the What's a Hill Worth? Research Project.

Natural Capital Solutions ( ) will be carrying out two pieces of work for us. The first is to map and explore the variety of 'natural capital' that exists within our Pendle Hill landscape. Whilst it is difficult to actually put a price on these assets the mapping helps us to identify the opportunity to conserve and better utilise them and the services they provide. NCS will also be carrying out a lengthier piece of research working with three local farms to draw up plans to better manage the natural assets on their land; to explore how this might be linked to payments of future agricultural support; and to discover what their future farm business plans might look like. This research will be fed back to the Pendle Hill farmer network and to other organisations studying natural capital and the future of farming later in 2020.

You can catch up on the meeting recording here  using passcode OHrd^0i# .



Annual Report 2018-2019


Pendle Traditional Boundaries Project

The Traditional Boundaries project is aiming to

  • Restore 5000m of hedges and 1000m of walling across the Pendle Hill Landscape Partnership areaHedge Laying
  • Run walling and hedging competitions in the area
  • Teach beginners and DSWA Level 1 walling courses
  • Teach hedging courses
  • Provide volunteering opportunities for people to practice their skills.

The boundaries we are working on so far have all been on Network members' farms, and we want to continue this.

Whilst we are quite close to achieving our restoration targets, we will be looking for additional lengths for the 2021-22 season.

Please get in touch if you have not yet had any works done on your farm and we can come and take a look.

You can find out more about the project here.


Pendle Meadows Project

The Pendle Meadows project is aiming to increase the biodiversity value of hay meadows within the Pendle Hill Landscape Partnership area.

So far we have nine meadows in the project, six of which are on members farms. These meadows have been surveyed this summer and will be receiving seed mixes for broadcast sowing during September 2020.

Each meadow will receive an individually tailored mix, based on its location, site conditions, management and the plants it already contains.

From then on we ask that the meadows are managed without artificial fertiliser and are cut for hay after the middle of July.

As well as increasing their value for biodiversity, we are hopeful that having species rich meadows on farms in the area will help to secure environmental land management payments in the future.

We are looking for more meadows to add to the project, so to find out more you can take a look here of give Sarah a call.


Integrated Parasite Management - Coming soon!

We are working with local farm vets LLM to deliver an Integrated Parasite Management project.

This will start in the spring of 2021 and will enable you to get faecal egg counts done at specific times in order to focus your worming regime to the animals who need it most, helping to reduce the use of vedmed, costs and environmental impacts.


For more information about the Farmer Network, please contact:

Sarah Robinson -

Helen Coar -