John Muir Proposal Form

  • Post-Registration Email - This is information is provided after you have registered for the John Muir Family Award.
  • John Muir Family Award Website
  • John Muir Discovery Award Record BookUse this to record your experiences during your John Muir Award activity. Draw, sketch or paint. Write quotes, stories, songs, names of things, poetry, or make rough notes to remind you of what you've done. Stick things in it. This can be your personal memento of what you have done.
  • The Countryside Code - Responsibilities for visitors to the countryside and those who manage the land
  • The Countryside Code - produced by the Pendle Hill Landscape Partnership for COVID-19
  • How to find a wild space near you - We would encourage you to leave your car at home as much as possible when doing your John Muir Summer Challenge. We have gathered together some pieces of information about parks surrounding our Pendle Hill Landscape to guide you where to go. Take a look for some inspiration. Please note if you live outside the Pendle Hill Landscape area, your local park might not be on this list, that does not mean you cannot visit it. We recommend exploring any wild space (park, nature reserve or wilderness) that is near you.