You can also use the iRecord website  to record what you have seen and where you have saw it. 

  • Wildflower and hedge Investigation challenge Carry out an investigation to discover what wildflowers are growing in your garden, on a local field or in a wild space. Does this area have plenty of flowers for pollinators? You can complete our investigation sheet for all ages, or use a younger child version here:  (produced by Plantlife) See if you can find all these wildflowers. 
  • Take part in the Great British Wildflower Hunt - Plantlife are asking for as many people as possible to get involved in a big wildflower hunt. You can register, download a spotters sheet, get recording and then submit your sightings!
  • Carry out a Hedge Biodiversity survey – Follow this link to investigate a local hedge. How good is the hedge for wildlife?
  • Plant spotter sheets - Plantlife have a large collection of spotter sheets, to help you identify plants and wildflowers. You can search by month or by habitat, to find out what is in bloom near you.