Peat Restoration

There are areas of bare and eroding peat on the summit of the hill, as well as deep and actively eroding gullies leading down across Barley Moor.

This project aims to:

·  restore the peatland habitat for wildlife
· reduce carbon losses from peat erosion
· reduce the impact of peat sediment on fish spawning grounds further downstream
· slow the flow of water off the hill during high rainfall events
· rewet the peat by increasing rainwater infiltration
· increase the public awareness of the importance of peat

Peat restoration work being carried out by ConserveFor

Since September, Conservefor have been working on the peatland restoration project:

·  re-profiling the edges of the peat hags and the gullies to reduce peat erosion

· installing coir logs to slow the flow of water

The next stages of the work are to:

· Cover the bare peat with heather brash cut from the hill

· Seed with upland grasses and bog forming sphagnum mosses